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Sam Schlegel started Schlegel and Son trucking in 1935. Sam and his son Paul hauled coal to local businesses and homes in the Denver area for heat. When temperatures are below 20 degrees and families are depending on you, reliability is the name of the game.

Sam and Paul added more trucks in the forties and fifties. Then in 1959 Jim White married Evelyn Schlegel. That resulted in bringing a partnership with Jim White Trucking and Excavating. The sixties were lean years in Colorado for the trucking industry. The late sixties and early seventies brought a lot of change to the two businesses that partnered together, and change hit hard after the accidental death of Paul Schlegel in 1974. In 1978 a family decision was made to merge Schlegel and Son Trucking and Jim White Trucking and Excavating into JFW Corporation and move to a consolidated location in Commerce City, Colorado.

After the merger in 1979, Evelyn White became President of JFW Corporation, allowing us to become a woman-owned disadvantaged minority business. Jim White Jr. joined the business in 1982 full time, and David White added his efforts full time in 1987. With all the family in full swing at JFW, we started to add trucks. In the nineties, JFW moved upwards of 600,000 tons of material annually. The new millennium brought more changes for JFW, as we extended our range. We added the surrounding states to our base plate, thus allowing us to go out of Colorado for flat bed loads, salt and specialty golf products delivered with our end-dump trailers. JFW Corporation became a full-service hauling and delivery business, which allows us to haul for anyone who needs product moved from one state to another, in addition to our in-state deliveries.

The result is simple. After 75 years in business, there is no job that JFW Corporation cannot handle to meet our customers’ needs, no matter what the load, the situation or the location. We are excited to continue what our family has worked so hard to build.

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